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  • A pale blue rectangular face mask with black cords and a design of two rows of three cute flames representing different elements and the different coloured flames they burn with, the name of each element is written beneath each flame
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Flaming Elements Science Face Mask

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This purple 2-ply polyester non-medical face mask, featuring a filter pocket on the inside, comes in two sizes (measurements below). The design on the front is of the flames of different elements. Perfect for chemistry teachers doing flame tests! Different elements burn with a different coloured flame – here’s some cute examples with some of their element’s characteristics.

Elements represented are strontium (red flame holding glow sticks), calcium (orange flame with visible skeletal bones), sodium (yellow flame thirsty having a drink), boron (green flame lifting weights), arsenic (blue flame, dead holding a bottle of poison) and potassium (purple flame holding a medical kit).

The Small/Medium size (10.8cm x 16cm) is recommended for older children, and the Medium/Large size (13cm x 18.5cm) for adults.

Printed using the permanent dye sublimation method with inks that are water based, eco-friendly and vegan, OEKO-TEX® approved (they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment).

Our paper postal mailing bags are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC® certification. The paper is both compostable and degradable, and paper mailers can be easily recycled, making this an extremely eco-friendly option. The weather-proof parcel protects its contents.