Christmas Quacker Pun

I'm usually keen to get new designs available in my stores as soon as I've finished drawing them, so this design is highly unusual in that I sketched it in December, finished it print ready in March, but have only added it to my stores in October! It just seemed like a silly time of year to add it, straight after Christmas, so it has been sitting waiting until the run up to the next one! Anyway, here is my Christmas Quacker pun design which is fully worthy of a Christmas cracker joke! A cute mallard duck with it's wings raised in alarm and a recently pulled cracker at its feet with the words "Christmas Quacker" beneath :)

Digital image of a mallard duck seen side on facing to the right with a pulled red and green Christmas cracker at its feet and the words Christmas Quacker written beneath in white

Where to buy online

Direct from us here - see products featuring this design.

Elsewhere online
TeePublic (UK & Europe)
RedBubble (US)
Threadless (US)
NeatoShop (US)


You can find the design on t-shirts in most stores, but also on other products depending on the store (e.g. hoodies, mugs, stickers, notebooks, phone cases, greeting cards, cushions, socks etc).

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