About us

Flaming Imp was started by Fiona Reeves back in 2010. I felt the need for a creative outlet, and I never seem to do things by halves! Here's the story of Flaming Imp's development.

With a degree in computer science from The University of Manchester my career has been as a software engineer and website developer, up until about 2018 when Flaming Imp become my main focus.

Family behind Flaming Imp

It all began with greeting cards. I had started doing a bit of sketching and painting in my spare time and I decided to get my own greeting cards printed, occasionaly selling them at parent/toddler groups I attended with my two children. I also created a few kids fun and educational posters. But I hadn't found my style yet. My designs at that time were made by taking close up photos of fabric and then using those photos in a collage effect to give colour and texture to my designs.

Ship's Captain personalised t-shirt

After the photo collage effect, I moved on to t-shirts featuring bold, simple designs that were mostly personalisable, like my Ship's Captain design (above).

In 2017 I discovered the kawaii cute style and fell in love with it. I started experimenting with drawing in this style and really enjoyed it. Over time, and a lot of practice, my own unique, recognisable style has emerged - the same style you see in the Flaming Imp logo, and it is the style I almost exclusively draw in now. Here's an example in my kawaii cute creamy latte coffee design:

Standing on a white table is a blue greeting card featuring a kawaii cute cup of creamy coffee with the word coffee written beneath

My practice comes in the form of sketching with the Apple Pencil on an iPad using the Procreate app. I take part in many drawing challenge events on Instagram, which are great for inspiration as they usually work by providing prompts to get you thinking. Before making a sketch available for sale on a product I redraw it on my laptop to tidy it up. You can see some unused sketches and drawing challenge participations shared on my blog, and also on my Instagram, X/Twitter and Facebook social media accounts.

In the summer of 2019 Design By Humans did a feature on me - read the interview.