Fabric and Tea Towels

We have a small Spoonflower store where you can buy Flaming Imp designs on many different types of fabric (and even wallpaper!), to your size, to meet your specific needs. Some designs are specifically with tea towels in mind, others are repeating patterns for any purpose.


Depending on where your fabric is being delivered to it is printed and posted from either the US or Germany (so if you are in Europe, you know it will be produced and posted from Germany).


Repeated pattern designs on fabric that you can use to sew your own creations. Those products you make from the fabric could be for your personal use, or to sell yourself (e.g. to sew clothes, bags etc. and sell those finished products you have made). If you do this we'd love to see what you make - tag Flaming Imp in on social media - links at the bottom of the page :)

Tea towels

Some of our designs at Spoonflower are specifically designed to be used for tea towels (although you could of course make a tea towel out of a repeated pattern!). For example the collection of tea puns, and the 'moles per litre' and 'catalyst' science designs. By ordering the 'fat quarter' size, and 'linen cotton canvas', you get the right size and type of material for a tea towel.

We take requests!

We realise we don't have many designs for sale on fabric at the moment - so if you don't see what you want just ask and we can probably make it available to you!