Dog And Present

A kawaii cute style design of a present with the head and front paws of a very contented looking dog visible lying over the top of it. The Christmas card version of this design has the pun wording 'have a paws-itively wonderful Christmas' written on it.

A red present with blue ribbon with a dog's head and front paws visible lying over the top of it. Kawaii cute style with dark blue outlines.
Have a paws-itively wonderful Christmas! written above a kawaii cute design of a red and blue present with a dogs lying over the top of it

Where to buy online

RedBubble (US)
Threadless (US)
TeePublic (US & Europe)

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Direct from us (UK)
RedBubble (US)
Threadless (US)

 You can find the design on t-shirts in most stores, but also on other products depending on the store (e.g. hoodies, mugs, stickers, notebooks, phone cases, greeting cards, cushions, socks etc).

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