Soaping Pun

A cute soap dispenser bottle pun, perfect for lockdown pandemic life! A blue liquid soap with text on the bottle. For the greeting card the text says 'soaping to see you soon' (available in UK stores) and for all other products (and in US stores) the text on the soap bottle reads 'soaping you have washed your hands'.

A liquid soap dispenser bottle of blue liquid with writing on the bottle in yellow capital letters saying soaping you have washed your hands. Navy blue background with three small soap bubbles.

Where to buy online
Direct from us here - see products featuring this design.

Elsewhere online
TeePublic (US & UK)
RedBubble (US)
NeatoShop (US)
Threadless (US)

You can find the design on t-shirts in most stores, but also on other products depending on the store (e.g. hoodies, mugs, stickers, notebooks, phone cases, greeting cards, cushions, socks etc).

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