Drawing Challenge: Animals Affected By Climate Change

Running throughout August 2019 this drawing challenge featured prompts of animals affected by climate change. I didn't do every prompt, but below you can see the ones I did sketch. All drawn using Procreate with the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. I redrew and tidied up some of these to make them available to buy.

Walrus sketch

Available to buy

Mussel sketch

Mytilidae (mussel)

Krill sketch


Fire salamander sketch

Fire salamander

Coral sketch


Marmot (groundhog) sketch

Marmot (groundhog)
Available to buy

Kingfisher sketch

Available to buy

Brown bear sketch

Brown bear

Pied flycatcher sketch

Pied flycatcher

Clown fish sketch

Clown fish

Giant panda sketch

Giant panda

Elephant sketch

Available to buy

Koala bear sketch

Koala bear




Challenge prompts

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