Inktober 2019 Drawing Challenge

My second year participating in the Inktober art challenge, to sketch every day throughout October. There are various prompt lists out there that artists put together and I will caption each image with what prompt I have used and the Instagram hashtag associated with the prompt list it is taken from. There are also occasions when I didn't use any prompts and just drew something I felt like drawing on that day.

Inktober 2019 firefly sketch

Day 1: firefly. Prompt: fire #chilltober2019

Inktober 2019 blueberry jam sketch

Day 2: Blueberry jam (available to buy). Prompt: jam #flpinktober19

Inktober 2019 safety safe-tea pun

Day 3: safe-tea (available to buy). Prompt: tea #chilltober2019

Inktober 2019 beetroot sketch

Day 4: beetroot (available to buy). Prompt: beetroot #takeiteasyinktober

Inktober 2019 candy cake sketch

Day 5: candy cake. Prompt: candy #inktobertimewithkaroline

Inktober 2019 pumpkin pie sketch

Day 6: pumpkin pie. Prompt: pumpkin pie #katnippinktober

Inktober 2019 cherry pie

Day 7: cherry pie. Prompt: cherry pie #chilltober2019

Inktober 2019 chicken sketch

Day 8: chicken (available to buy). Prompt: chicken #chilltober

Inktober 2019 ghost sketch

Day 9. Prompt: ghost #chilltober and DTIYS #missrainartwork20k

Inktober 2019 lime & soda sketch

Day 10: lime and soda (availale to buy). Prompt: soda #flpinktober19

Inktober 2019 sushi sketch

Day 11: sushi. Prompt: sushi #mfsinktober

Inktober 2019 mandrake sketch

Day 12: mandrake. Prompt: mandrake #katnippinktober

Inktober 2019 rabbit & carrot

Day 13: rabbit and carrot. Prompt: carrot #takeiteasyinktober

 Inktober 2019 raven & skull

Day 14: raven on a skull. Prompt: raven #inktobertimewithkaroline

 Inktober 2019 cracked open egg sketch

Day 15: egg cracked open. No prompt.


 Inktober 2019 wellies in a puddle sketch

Day 16: wellies in a puddle of water. Prompt: rain #chilltober

 Inktober 2019 bees & beehive sketch

Day 17: bees and beehive. No prompt.

 Inktober 2019 candle in a jar sketch

Day 18: candle in a green bottle. Prompt: candle #bunnytober19

 Inktober 2019 Daruma doll sketch

Day 19: Daruma doll (available to buy). Prompt: Daruma. #mfsinktober

 Inktober 2019 doughnut sketch

Day 20: doughnut. Prompt: snack #flpinktober19

 Inktober 2019 vintage caravan sketch

Day 21: vintage caravan (available to buy). No prompt used.


Inktober 2019 koi carp sketch 

Day 22: koi carp (available to buy). Prompt: koi #mfsinktober

 Inktober 2019 hot air balloon sketch

Day 23: hot air balloon. Prompt: adventure #moonchildinktober

 Inktober 2019 trophy cup sketch

Day 24: cup trophy. Prompt: trophy #flpinktober19


Inktober 2019 backpack sketch 

Day 25: backpack & mug. Prompt: backpack #chilltober

Inktober 2019 day of the dead mask sketch 

Day 26: day of the dead style mask. Prompt: mask #sallypiperinktober


 Inktober 2019 horse chestnuts sketch

Day 27: horse chestnuts. Prompt: nut #junlitober


 Inktober 2019 harvest mouse sketch

Day 28: harvest mouse. Prompt: mouse #chilltober

 Inktober 2019 ninja mummy sketch

Day 29: ninja mummy. Prompt: mummy #inktobertimewithkaroline

 Inktober 2019 hot chocolate sketch

Day 30: hot chocolate (available to buy). Prompt: hot chocolate #chilltober



Inktober 2019 raspberry sketch

Day 31: raspberry. Prompt: berry #flpinktober




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