Face Masks

Where to buy our face masks

From our RedBubble store in the US:

Fitted face mask with nose wire and adjustable straps
Standard face mask style at RedBubble
Fitted face masks with nose wire and adjustable straps. Standard face masks with elasticated loops.

Customer examples of our designs on RedBubble face masks

Catalyst face mask

Narwhal with a rainbow striped horn face mask in the physics science lab:

Back in the classroom with a catalyst mask:

A happy customer on Twitter wearing our Moles Per Litre design:

A physics teacher showing their new masks of catalyst, cation, moles per litre, and narwhal designs:

A happy customer wearing their Moles Per Litre design face mask:

Another happy customer showing her purchase of two Moles Per Litre designs and two Catalyst designs on RedBubble face masks:

This chemistry and physics teacher is showing their face masks with the Cation design, Flaming Elements design and Elephant Toothpaste design:

A teacher wearing the llama design face mask from RedBubble:

A teacher wearing one of our Catalyst face masks from our RedBubble store.