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Face Masks

Where to buy our face masks

Flaming Imp designs are available on non-medical face masks in our RedBubble store in the US.

We don't have a UK face mask printer so can't make them available in our UK stores.

Customer examples of our designs on RedBubble face masks

Narwhal with a rainbow striped horn face mask in the physics science lab:

Back in the classroom with a catalyst mask:

A happy customer on Twitter wearing our Moles Per Litre design:

A physics teacher showing their new masks of catalyst, cation, moles per litre, and narwhal designs:

A happy customer wearing their Moles Per Litre design face mask:

Another happy customer showing her purchase of two Moles Per Litre designs and two Catalyst designs on RedBubble face masks:

This chemistry and physics teacher is showing their face masks with the Cation design, Flaming Elements design and Elephant Toothpaste design:

A teacher wearing the llama design face mask from RedBubble:

A teacher wearing one of our Catalyst face masks from our RedBubble store.