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Spiral notebook lying flat on a wooden surface, has a dark grey front over featuring an anime girl wearing a green hoodie with the hood up and black headphones over the top, she has green eyes and pink hair and is holding a transparent plastic cup of pink boba with a green straw in her right hand which has her elbow resting on a surface, her left arm and hand is lying flat across her body in front of her on the surface as if she is sitting at a table
Spiral bound notebook lying open and flat showing pages of grid graph paper like little crosses all over the white paper
Black spiral notebook lying flat on a wooden surface showing the plain black back cover of the notebook
A close up picture of the grid graph paper option, showing the spiral wire binding and little crosses covering the white paper
An open notebook held in a hand showing what the lined pages option looks like. Lined white paper and spiral binding.

Anime Girl Listening To Music And Drinking Boba Spiral Notebook

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The perfect notebook for a teenager! Features an anime girl wearing a hoodie and headphones, listening to music and drinking boba (bubble tea / milk tea).

Note that the background of the notebook front cover is dark grey, not black (so that it doesn't completely merge with the black outline of the drawing).

An A5 size spiral notebook.

60 pages, 90gsm weight paper.

Choice of lined or grid graph paper.

The spiral wire holding the notebook together is black in colour.

The plain back cover of the notebook is black in colour.

Size A5. Dimensions 5.8 x 8.3" (14.8 x 21cm).

Designed and printed in the UK.