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Magnet Personalised Greeting Card

Magnet Personalised Greeting Card

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Made to order.
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An A5 sized physics themed greeting card featuring a kawaii cute red horseshoe shaped magnet, with the north and south poles indicated and magnetic field lines.

Optionally personalised with your own message on the front and/or inside the card. There are plenty of possibilities for this card - from the heartfelt thank you to a science/physics teacher, a close friend, or a cheesy love message for Valentine's Day or an anniversary (involving words like opposites attract, attraction, attractive, magnetic personality, inseparable - or you could go the other way with words like repel or repellent!)

Size: 7x5 inches.

Gloss coated on the outside, matt on the inside so that it's easy to write on. The envelope is plain brown.

Card paper thickness is 280gsm.

These cards are made to order.

Made in the UK.

Usually posted the next working day (Mon-Fri).

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