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  • Held in a hand is a closed spiral notebook showing red front cover with a design of 2 cute flames, one pointed with word gravity and one round with word microgravity and speech bubble saying physics is lit!
  • Open notebook showing the inside lined pages
  • A hand holding a closed notebook showing the black back cover
  • A close up picture of the grid graph paper option, showing the black spiral wire binding and little crosses covering the white paper
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Physics Is Lit Spiral Notebook

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An A5 size spiral notebook featuring a cute flame in Earth's gravity versus a flame in microgravity, with a speech bubble declaring "Physics is lit!" Flames behave differently in microgravity. This physics design is inspired by the experiment by Paul Ronney, a combustion researcher.

60 pages, 90gsm weight paper.

Choice of lined or grid graph paper.

The spiral wire holding the notebook together is black in colour.

The plain back cover of the notebook is black in colour.

Size A5. Dimensions 5.8 x 8.3" (14.8 x 21cm).

Designed and printed in the UK.